Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G Review, key specs, price

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G Review, key specs, price

Samsung Galaxy s21 ultra 5g review, key specs, price & unboxing



January 2021








12, 16 GB / 128, 256, 512GB


(108 + 10 + 10 + 12)MP

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Expert Score

9.5Expert Score

Samsung Galaxy S21 ultra 5G

  • Fascinating Design
  • Larger fingerprint sensor
  • The superlative camera zoom
  • comfortable in the pocket
  • S Pen support
  • Just 128GB of storage to start
  • No microSD card slot
  • Expensive for all people<br><br>

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G Review & key Specs

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key Specs

  • Launched; Samsung Galaxy S21 ultra 5g release date January 2021
  • Processor; Octa-core
  • Memory ; 12GB RAM with 128GB & 256GB ROM / 16GB RAM with 512GB ROM
  • Weight; 227g
  • Size; 6.8″
  • Camera; Front Camera (40MP) + Rear Cameras (108MP + 10MP + 10MP + 12MP)
  • Battery; 5000mAh
  • Sensors; Fingerprint – Accelerometer – Proximity – Gyroscope – Compass – Barometer
  • Colors; Phantom Black, Phantom Navy, Phantom Silver, Phantom Brown, Phantom Titanium

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Still, confused about Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5g?

Samsung Galaxy s21 ultra 5g review

Samsung achieved another milestone by presenting the third 5G supported phone of the S21 series. The new Galaxy S21 Ultra 5g is with more cameras, beefier specs, and S Pen compatibility by surpassing very similar Note 20 Ultra. And with this, you still can’t suppose the end of the Note series.

The Galaxy S21 Ultra 5g is the most influential phone in Samsung’s Galaxy S21 series. The phone comes with the largest display of 6.8-inches, the battery is the biggest with 5,000mAh, and it has the best camera with a primary 108MP sensor. Ultra comes with ultra-high RAM of 16GB. As the name presents, it is also the most expensive, with a starting value of $1,199. Amazon is the best option for you.

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The 5G phone, Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5g, is a phone with a 108MP sensor, two telephoto cameras, 100x zoom and 40MP selfies. It is one of the Samsung leading phones tested in 2021, accompanied by Samsung Galaxy S21 and Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus, and it is “ultra” as the name presents and far better than its predecessor S20 Ultra phone.

Samsung resolved the camera’s autofocus issue as the company used lasers to remedy the problem by upgrading Galaxy S20 Ultra. The S21 also upgraded the large 108MP photos, 40MP selfies, and 8K video.

Samsung’s ‘tripod lock’ software features the 30x and 100x zoom levels. 

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Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is a smartphone with a 120Hz Quad HD display and an upgraded in-screen fingerprint sensor with a 1.7x larger surface area than the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra phone.

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Design and Display 

Galaxy S21 Ultra 5g is a phone with a gentle curve and edge-to-edge display. The phone has a smaller rear camera bump and fascinating with other color options; it is a Phantom Black color that seems like a black hole and hard to look away from. The Galaxy S21 Ultra is one of Samsung’s best-looking phones ever.

The S21 is a big phone with a 6.8-inch display and a 120Hz refresh rate.

The camera is looking unique with Contour Cut.

The gorgeous Galaxy S21 Ultra is available in Phantom Black with few seams; the other colors are Vantablack-like Phantom Black, Phantom Titanium, Phantom Navy, Phantom Brown, and Phantom Silver color.

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No microSD card slot is available in Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra for expandable storage, so you cannot plan to take lots of 4K 60fps or 8K 24fps video; that is no problem with 256GB or 512GB storage sizes, which RAM also supports to 16GB.

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Battery Life

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5g is enough for a working day with a charged 5,000mAh battery. And it worsens in 120Hz and QHD mode.

The S21 Ultra 5ghas no charger in the box.

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Our Verdict

S21 Ultra 5g is a massive phone with a colossal screen, five cameras, and the best zoom on Android phones. Caution: while this phone is cheaper than 2020’s ‘Ultra’ phone, it is still a costly one for ordinary customers, and it comes without a microSD card slot and charger.

Galaxy S21 Ultra 5g Pros and Cons

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The superlative camera zoom

Fascinating design

S Pen support

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Expensive for all people

No microSD card slot

Just 128GB of storage to start

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Price and Release date

In the financial crisis, the attractive look and enhanced performance with the control price of a 5G phone, S21 Ultra 5g have not increased its price much over S20 Ultra. Samsung has made the phone significantly cheaper. 

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5g released on January 29, 2021

The phone price starts at $1,199 for a version with 128GB of internal storage and 12GB of RAM.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5g YouTube Review

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