Samsung Galaxy S21 5G Review

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Samsung Galaxy S21 5G Review, key specs, price & unboxing


January 2021








8 GB RAM / 128, 256GB


(12 + 64 + 12)MP

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Samsung Galaxy S21 5G Review & key Specs

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key Specs

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Samsung Galaxy S21 5G Review

SAMSUNG’S Galaxy S21 is going to be in stores in few days with an upgraded camera, extra power with a fascinating new design that too at a cheaper price. Samsung Galaxy S21 is the final, small and smart product of the three, with its two mates presently, Samsung S21 Ultra and Samsung S21 Plus.

The phone is more palm-friendly with a 6.2-inch display with the same specs as of Galaxy S21 plus. The phone has less battery capacity as compare to its series as the Galaxy S21 only has a 4,000mAh cell. The rear side is also made of “Glasstic” instead of true glassAnyhow with all the high and lows, you feel comfortable as the starting price of the phone is just $799…but what’s it like to have the S21 slipped inside your pocket

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Design and Display

  • Samsung Galaxy S21 has shown its design and display in advance contrary to its predecessor’s series Galaxy S20 previous year. So, the new look depends on your choice whether you like the design which includes a “Contour Cut Camera” that’s color-matched to the sides of the phone for a seamless appearance.
  • The phone comes in Phantom violet, Phantom Grey, Phantom pink, and Phantom white.
  • The Galaxy S21 has changed something extra with its design that it consists “specially reinforced Polycarbonate material” casing.
  • The rear case of the S21 is made from plastic that’s is not a good feature for the 5G phone.
  • The S21 has a fantastic display and a better-quality fingerprint scanner.

Samsung S21 has a 6.2-inch edge-to-edge AMOLED screen with Full HD+ display instead of more pixel-packed Quad HD technology.

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  • The S21 features a triple-lens camera which is simply an ideal phone for people to point and shoot.
  • Perfectly in focus S21 gives a crystal clear look with packed colors.
  • Whether it is white day sunlight or darkness of Night Mode the S21 gives the perfect results.
  • Zoom Lock option at 30X keeps the camera steady when getting closer to the target.
  • fun Dynamic Slo-Mo option slows down and highlights the captured photos and short videos at the same time.
  • Director View, Vlogger View is the new features in the Samsung Galaxy S21 phone.
  • S21 camera also offers 8K recordings.
  • For selfie addicts, S21 has a decent front-facing camera which can shift to a slightly wider mode
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Battery, Speed, and Extras

  • The Galaxy S21, a pocket-sized phone has enough battery of 4,000mAh power pack, to get through a day. The phone has a good battery to compete with its rivals.
  • Exynos 2100 5nm 64-bit system-on-a-chip powers the phone and it appears a capable smartphone.
  • The phone has wireless charging support with Samsung’s Power Share tech, just place the other devices on the back of the phone and refill them.
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  • The Snapdragon 888 from Qualcomm, is only available in the US.
  • Ultrasonic fingerprint scanner unlocks the phone in a flash with improved sensor security.
  • The S21 is water-resistant and can survive an accidental spillage and dip.
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  • The internal storage of the phone is 128GB with good supporting RAM of 8GB.
  • Unfortunately, the S21 has no external slot for Micro SD Card.

 Final Verdict

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  • New lower price and 5G phone
  • Better-quality designed
  • Solid battery life
  • Good pocket tucked screen
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  • The plastic case gives cheap feelings. 
  • No expandable storage
  • No big changes over the S20

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