EE 5G Coverage Map UK

EE 5G Coverage Map UK


EE is UK’s largest Mobile Network and has rolled out its 5G coverage map partially to 70+ towns and cities. EE 5G UK coverage is not available in all areas of every city. EE 5G coverage map of the UK is available at 76 locations out of 120 locations. If you are searching for information on EE 5G Coverage Map, Data Plans, Offers & 5G Phones in the UK, You are at the right place, be with us till the end; remember EE coverage map for 4G network covers 99% locations of the United Kingdom. EE network is committed to expanding its 5G services map to every part of the UK till 2028.

EE 5G Map

How fast is EE 5g network coverage?

When we talk about speeds, we are talking about download or upload speeds in Mb/s (megabits/second). So, faster speed means more megabits per second. Up till now, With a 4G network on EE, average download speeds are around 30 megabits per second (Mb/s).

5G takes things to the next level; we could reach the speed of 1000 Megabytes per second (1GB/s) or more. But, how fast is EE 5G in the UK?

Up till now, with currently available infrastructure and 5G phones, you can expect maximum download speeds of around 100-300Mbps on the EE 5G network. Though, the real speed of the 5G coverage map of the EE network is far below than 1000Mbps expectations still it is above expectations in comparison to the 30 to 40 Mbps speed of the 4G network.

EE 5G Frequency

EE’s 2G, 3G, and 4G networks use frequencies ranging from 800 MHz to 2.6 GHz. While EE’s 5g frequency is around 3.4 GHz according to the EE website. The advanced frequency with more range provides faster speed to the available 5G coverage map of the EE network

EE 5G Coverage

EE 5G coverage map reaches out to 125 cities and large towns of the United Kingdom to offer 5G internet services. The EE coverage map is expanding its services for the 5G network with time since its launch date.

EE 5G map enables the users to check the 5G internet coverage and speed through its map on EE 5G official website. When you desire to check the 5G services availability of the EE network you need to put your postal code address to see EE signals and speed on the EE website.

Here is the EE 5G Coverage Map of the United Kingdom in google maps where you can search out city-wise for your ease and check the availability of the network.

EE 5g Phones

EE is currently offering the following 5g Phones with different plans. You can choose the plan of your choice. EE 5g Huawei, Samsung, Oppo, and OnePlus phones are available.

EE 5g Price, Plans and Packages

EE Pay Monthly Phones

You can choose 5g Phones with EE from a range of mobile phone deals on Pay Monthly. Select Mobile of your choice from best mobile deals and experience 5G.

For EE 5g Pay Monthly phones deals visit ;

Pay Monthly Phones

EE 5g Sim Only Plans

4G:- Presently there are five EE Sim Only Plans gives you 4G up to the speed of 60Mbps with different data usage limits, you can choose your choice.

5G:- For 5G, there is one sim only plan with unlimited data plus you can choose 3 Swappable Benefits included with your plan. However 5G speeds depend on your location.

For EE 5g sim only deals visit ;

EE 5g sim only plans

EE 5g Home Broadband

EE introduced 5g home broadband, You can get the portable HTC 5G mobile router and create your own 5G wifi hotspot with EE 5g. It is available with 50GB and 100GB data plans with plan term of 24 months.

htc 5g hub with EE 5g

EE 5g Home Broadband Features;

  • HTC 5g hub enables low-latency gaming, smooth 4K video streaming, and 5G mobile hotspot.
  • It allows you up to 20 devices to connect at any one time.
  • The HTC 5G Hub is intended for high-speed mobility use, particularly with the next-generation business environment.
  • It supports powerful Wi-Fi capabilities on the snapdragon 855 Platform by including the Qualcomm 60GHz Wi-Fi chipset for multi-gigabit speeds.
  • The Qualcomm 2×2 Wi-Fi 6-ready chipset is performance-ready for next-generation capacity, efficiency, and performance at range.

For EE 5g Home Broadband deals visit ;

EE’s HTC 5g Hub

EE 5g Router with Antenna

The EE 5g Home Router is here and you could get average speeds of 150 megabytes per second. Moreover, its plugin and go, you won’t need a fixed phone line. it is available with a data plan of 1000GB (1TB) and plan term of 18-month.

EE 5G Coverage Map UK 1

EE 5g Router Features;

  • It is a simple Plugin and go.
  • You can get average speeds of 150 Mb/s.
  • It is perfect for gaming, streaming and downloading in Ultra HD and 4K.
  • It can connect up to 64 devices.
  • Available with 1000GB (1TB) data plans.
  •  When you’re not at home, 20GB data boost for your mobile is also part of the plan.
  • EE 5g Router includes an internal antenna to get a super-fast connection.
  • To boost signals, even more, they also have a compatible external antenna.
  • EE 5g Router has a chip that switches between 4G and 5G depending on the signal strength

For EE 5g Router deals visit ;

5GEE Home Router with Antenna

EE 5g Unlimited Data

EE 5g unlimited data plans are available with different devices and deals.

  • Sim only deals
  • 5g phones deals
  • 5g router with 1TB data
  • HTC 5g hub

How do I get 5g on EE?

To get EE 5g, All you need is

  • Check EE 5g Coverage in your area (Check here)
  • Purchase 5g Phone
  • Select one of the plans given above.
  • Enjoy EE 5G

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