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Vodafone 5g Australia

Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra, Perth, and where you are in Australia, Vodafone 4G network is rolling out its 5G internet services for valued customers. 5G network is the latest mobile phone technology that makes our digital life smarter and safer with the fastest internet speed. You can enjoy Vodafone 5g internet service if you are in the 5G coverage area, have a 5G compatible device, and sign up for Vodafone in Australia. 

1600 Vodafone sites are available in more than 350 areas of Australia. Moreover, Vodafone plans to stretch its 5G services to the most populated cities up to 85% of areas by the end of 2021.

Vodafone Australia Data Plans

Vodafone max speed unlimited data plan provides 25Mbps fastest internet in Australia. 5 G-approved devices can still be used on Vodafone 3G/4G/5G networks.


Vodafone Sim only plans

Vodafone sim-only plans in Australia include various types of deals. The Vodafone plans for sim deals are 30GB internet for £15/month, unlimited data for £22/month with 10Mbps, unlimited data for £26 with the fastest available speed. The sim plan includes 60GB of data for £25/month to 51 destinations for roaming free.

Vodafone offers the best sim-only business plan that starts from just 18£/month for unlimited data with 24 months contract.


Vodafone plans with wifi modem on the go.

Vodafone offers stunning data plans on the go with pocket wifi that starts from 30GB for $20/month to 150GB/month for $60.

Vodafone Routers Australia

Vodafone routers are the best options to choose from for the fastest internet 5g service in Australia. However, you can also use your own modem that too is compatible with Vodafone.

Vodafone supports up to 32 devices with a Vodafone wifi hub.

Vodafone Australia provides Vodafone nbn router service for the fastest 5G internet speed.

Vodafone 5G speed test Australia

The latest 5G internet Vodafone speed test for Australia shows the download speed 67Mbps, upload speed 34Mbps, and 203ms ping latency.



Verizon 5G internet speed

Verizon has expanded its 4G LTE network service to the 5G ultra band for its customers. The ultra-fast 5G Internet speed of Verizon wireless service speeds up downloads, streaming videos, video games and videoconferencing. The time for Mbps is over as Verizon 5G technology network service speed reaches 4Gbps in some locations at peak speeds. Verizon Fios provides you ultra-ultra- fast speed 5G network.

Vodafone 5g coverage checker Australia

Vodafone 4G network is available for over 23 million people in Australia when writing this post. Since the rollout of 5G technology in Australia, it’s been covering the continent’s significant parts progressively.

Though the limited 5g network is available, Vodafone services can be checked by visiting its official website.

It will help if you put your device name and area location to check out the 5g service availability.

Experts Score

Vodafone covers 96℅ areas of Australia but not all for 5G coverage. The expert’s Vodafone score is not so high as it offers less range for the latest 5g technology.

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